Wondering if you should date someone struggling with pornography?

Modern Dating Support

Empower yourself and eliminate fears that can come with dating in a world where pornography is increasingly pervasive.

Arm yourself with knowledge and tools to confidently make good decisions about dating and your future.

This is a 12-week class for women 18+ to learn about how pornography affects relationships, what healthy recovery looks like, what healthy intimacy consists of, warning signs of abuse, red flags, setting healthy boundaries and more.  

This knowledge will empower you through your dating experience and help it to be a positive one! This course will encourage and guide you to tap into who you really are, increase trust in God and yourself by increasing your self esteem and value.

Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to be prepared. Take a WORTH YSA class today.


all the great benefits of this 12-week class

Valuable skills for dating and future relationships

Recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships

Positive & effective ways to discuss pornography

Understand what someone in recovery looks like

Learn to set healthy boundaries


Recognize red flags

Class Topics

Some of the empowering things you will learn


All the basic information you want to know

Coaching fee: $40/week or one time $480

Taught by Life & Betrayal Trauma Coach Amie Woolsey

Tuesdays, 6pm MT

Space is limited. Email us for more information.