WORTH Rising

Ready to take your recovery to the next level?

take a worth rising class

Are you in a place in your own recovery where you feel like you need a little extra support and direction?

The continuous weekly group coaching “Rising” class will help you transform from a place of anxiety, doubt and fear to living with driven passion, focus and purpose.

Join us as you clarify intentions, explore options and clear obstacles to emerge as the strong, confident daughter of God you are meant to be.


all the great benefits of this Transformational class

Help establishing healthy daily rituals

Accountability and an online classroom


Group coaching sessions (90 min)

Tools to help you move forward

Personal growth and recovery

Optional individual coaching (extra cost)

Class Topics

Some of the empowering things you will learn


All the basic information you want to know

The WORTH Rising program has been retired. Please contact us at worth@lifechangingservices.org for other suggestions on ways to keep you moving forward. You can also look into the Eternal Warriors program and/or work with an individual mentor.