WORTH Education Series:


An 8-week Workshop
for Women

to the WORTH
Education Series!


Our GOAL in this series
is to address some of the
in their progress
and to EMPOWER them
with more
to break down the barriers
that are holding them back. 

We are excited to introduce our
of the series,

Her topic will be:
Deconstructing Gaslighting”
Making sense of the mind games,
for the traumatized, or simply
thoroughly confused, woman


You are invited to join this 
powerful 8 week workshop
to learn NEW TOOLS and gain
a new AWARENESS of your


To help you move
from a place of feeling powerless, confused, uncertain and afraid…
of second-guessing,
and making
To a place
self-connectedness and empowerment

Free Gaslighting WEBINAR by Sarah: 
**We highly recommend viewing as an INTRODUCTION to this COURSE.

Meet your Instructor

Gaslighting Coach


Sarah is the owner and creator of Deconstructing Gaslighting™ and is widely recognized as an expert and thought leader on the topic of GASLIGHTING. She helps raise public awareness around GASLIGHTING through her many public platforms and creates programs that help empower victims of GASLIGHTING.

Sarah currently sits on the board of APSATS (the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists), consults & contracts with numerous helping professionals, and is frequently invited as a guest speaker at national conferences and on podcasts.

Her passion to empower others to transform their lives fuels her work with her clients and pushes her to continue developing new programs on the cutting edge of helping others grow to know, trust, and love themselves more than they knew was possible.


Week 1– Identifying the Methods and Techniques used in Gaslighting

Week 2– Recognizing the Specific Tactics and how they play into the methods and techniques

Week 3– Recognizing the Roles

Week 4– Identifying our own Vulnerabilities

Week 5– Uncovering the Risks and Traps we fall into

Week 6– Putting it All together-  Deconstructing your own Gaslighting experience

Week 7– Relational Repair after Gaslighting

Week 8– Understanding Why we Stay



“The Gaslighting class with Sarah Morales was life-changingI now recognize communication patterns that have been used to control me. Sara validated my experience in so many ways. I will never abandon myself again.”   – Anonymous Workshop Participant

–Note from the WORTH Director, Kim Day:
Gaslighting is a much more common experience than many realize.  It can be particularly hard to see and recognize the impact it is having on us when we are distracted with “bigger” and “louder” issues such as infidelity, addiction, trauma or triggers.  In these cases, it can be particularly challenging to notice and give proper weight to these more subtle and covert patterns that are playing out in our relationships.  I have personally gone through this workshop and material Sarah is planning to present to you, and have been blown away by how applicable, clarifying and empowering it is.  I just had to share it with you!

 The gaslighting course was so helpful to learn what gaslighting is, how to notice it, and what do when it is happening. Learning I have a choice to validate myself, connect with myself,  and honor myself by asking what I need helps avoid further conflict. I learned remembering what is true helps me focus on the goal of staying in alignment with my authentic self.  What I learned was validating and empowering.  – Marquelle Brown 


Enrollees will receive the Workshop Recording & Handouts each week


6 PM – 7:30 PM

Mountain Standard Time

…beginning on
March 6th
& ending 
April 24th


$25/week (a total of $200)
if you are registering for yourself.

For those who are able, we encourage you to consider
sponsoring another woman

for just $10 more, or
$35/week for you both.

(You can specify the 2nd participant or leave it open
to a woman currently enrolled in the WORTH program
who is in need).  

IMPORTANT Payment NOTE: Once you complete your registration, your card on file will
automatically process the 1st week’s charge 
for the 8 week course. 

Only  8 – $25 dollar charges will be applied to your payment method on file.  
(For example:  If you registered for the class today…
Your 1st weekly – $25 charge would be processed today.
Your next $25 dollar charge would be applied the following week and so on, until your 8th week.
Then billing will be suspended.  Your account will be paid in full for the 8-week course.)
Please let us know if you have any questions:  worth@lifechangingservices.org


$ 25
/per week
  • Receive weekly Workshop Recording & Workbook pages


$ 35
/per week
  • SPONSOR another woman for just $10 more
  • Receive weekly Workshop Recording & Workbook pages

Frequently Asked Questions

**NOTE:  The 8-week online course and live Question and Answer sessions are not intended as any type of therapy or psychological counseling.  If these are needed, then it is the client’s responsibility to seek these services from a relevant professional.

Can I ask questions during the Workshop?

Yes! There will be opportunities to ask questions.

Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Will I receive the Recordings and Hand outs if I am not able to attend at the time of the Workshop?

Yes!  Everyone enrolled in the 8-week workshop will receive access to a Learning Portal with ALL the RECORDINGS, handouts and resources that go along with the course. 

A weekly reminder email will be sent with a link to your learning portal to review your RECORDING(S).  
(Be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive your weekly email.)

You are encouraged to listen and review more than once to maximize your learning.

Do I get to keep the Recordings?

Yes!  The recordings, handouts and resources  you receive in your learning portal are for your learning and review.  You will have lifetime access to your learning portal.

We ask that you please don’t share with others in honor of the terms and conditions set-up for our Instructor’s copyrights and  protected course content. 

Have Further Questions?

PLEASE CONTACT our WORTH Admin office.
ly and her team will
be here to help you.

Please EMAIL: worth@lifechangingservices.org

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