Below are several resources designed to help in your recovery.

There is a lot of information here–please do not feel like you have to read it all! Start with the initial reading, then move on from there. We also highly recommend the podcast channels and Mom Power Training.

Initial reading

We encourage you to begin reading these books as soon as possible to aid in your recovery.

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Recommended Resources

board with betrayal trauma terms listed
Common Recovery Terms and Concepts

As you begin your road to healing and recovery, you will sometimes hear words or phrases you don't yet understand. This list will help you by defining various words and phrases you may encounter.

25 Myths and Truths about Pornography and How it Affects the Wife

Myths about pornography use and sexual addiction debunked. This is a list of various things people say that are not true--and the real truth.

Couples Check-ins

Here are some popular ideas for check-in’s with your spouse. Depending on where you both are in recovery, the check-in you choose and prefer may vary.

womens marriage repair
Men's Marriage Repair Worshops

Specifically for men, these workshops are designed to help husbands gain tools and skills to repair their marriage.

men's marriage repair
Women's Marriage Repair Workshops

Learn how to repair your marriage with an experienced marriage therapist. Weekly training to gain tools and skills to work through trauma and help repair your marriage.

Men of Moroni - porography addiction recovery for men
Addiction Recovery Help for Your Husband

If you are here, your husband is probably in need of addiction recovery help too. If he is willing to get help and work recovery, we have a program just for him--Men of Moroni. This works hand in hand with the Church's Addiction Recovery Program too.

Meet Clark & Linda - A Real Relationship After Addiction & Betrayal Podcasts and Videos

Meet Clark and Linda - members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are completely honest as they open up about their relationship that included addiction and betrayal and how they found HOPE, HEALING and RECOVERY.

Mothers Who Know
Mothers Who Know Podcasts

The Mothers Who Know podcast strives to educate and empower ALL mothers to find HOPE when their child battles ANY challenging issue. With values from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mothers learn ways to stand strong in the storms of life and acquire tools to be more peaceful and powerful mothers.

Mom Power Training
Mom Power Training

An 8-week webinar training for all women.Teaching you tools to stay connected to the Savior's strength and peace. This course teaches you tools to stand firm and unshakable in Christ. Free of charge for all WORTH participants.

Betrayal Trauma Glossary

A definition of many of the terms used in WORTH and during recovery and groups. You will be hearing many new terms as you begin recovery, this will give you an idea of what some of them mean.

Determining How and When to Disclose to Children

A helpful article with tips and considerations for parents as they make decisions moving forward with age-appropriate suggestions.

Road Maps for Recovery and Healing

Want to know the signs if your spouse is working recovery? If you are working recovery? Read here for some suggestions and signs.

Helpful Analogies

One of the ways we can better understand certain concepts is with analogies. These blog articles are here to help you understand the various emotions you may be having.

An Open Letter to Bishops from the Wife of a Porn Addict

If you could tell your bishop anything, what would it be? Read here to see what suggestions one wife would tell all bishops--then feel free to share with him.

The 180

While every person handles betrayal differently, it can cause some to go into a “saving mode” where they will do anything and everything to try to save the marriage. This list is titled “The 180″ because in essence, the betrayed is going to do a 180 from what they were doing before.

Helpful Videos

Advice to my younger self: Spouses