An Investment in YOU

WORTH Pricing

We believe that healing should be available to all women, regardless of if, or how much, they can pay. We believe in meeting women where they are.

WORTH strives to create an environment where women can both feel comfortable asking for what they need and feel encouraged to share in their abundance (in whatever form that takes) to lift and support other women.

WORTH is funded by a combination of donations from the Men of Moroni program, women’s personal financial investments into their own healing, and donations by women who are being served, or have been served, who believe in the value of investing in women.

We ask those who participate to contribute $75/month toward their own healing and growth process*.  (This amount is still subsidized by the donations of others and does not cover the costs to run the program.)

However, we recognize that this amount may still discourage some.  We invite those for whom that amount is not doable at this time to submit a “Cost Relief” request (please email us for the request form).

We encourage all our participants to find meaningful ways to  “pay forward” the benefits of the healing and growth they receive to build and to bless wherever they go.

Women have a tremendous, even untapped potential to do good and to bring forth goodness and strength when they are given what they need to thrive. 

*Those who have a husband in the Men of Moroni Program or who are enrolled in the Marriage Repair class are exempt for 6 months and do not need to contribute.

It is our mission as a WORTH program to believe in, and champion the cause of womanhood and to see the strength, goodness, and wholeness in those who come to us feeling frightened and broken. 

It is our privilege and mission to facilitate such transformation.