Pioneer Woman Mode and Packing Your Wagon

Pioneer Woman Mode
Pioneer Woman mode embodies the sacrifice that Mormon Utah Pioneer women made. These women were thrust from their homes, often with their children and little or no provisions.

They were forced to walk, sometimes barefoot, pulling handcarts with their belongings, responsible for providing for their needs and those of their children.

Pioneer Woman Mode refers to assessing the situation, and creating a safety plan for oneself, including planning and creating financial resources, preparing emotionally/mentally, obtaining education, preparing for provisions and lodging should need arise, or if a husband is no longer able or willing to support his wife and children.

This may also include going back to school, getting life insurance, creating savings, and even packing bags with a plan in place, should it ever be necessary for an individual to move forward without her spouse.

Packing Your Wagon This term references the preparations an individual makes in case they may be forced out of their home. It refers to preparing one’s self for a hard journey ahead, on one’s own, without the help or support of a husband.

To be wise and prepared, one recognizes that there is a possibility that this may happen, and so both figurative and literal preparations are made.

A suitcase (wagon) is prepared with everything that may be needed for her to survive and succeed in the future on her own, and it is available for her at any time of the day, at a moment’s notice.

Mental and emotional preparations are made as well, as she prepares to move forward on her own if needed.

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Written by Maurice W. Harker, CMHC, Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman and creator of Men of Moroni, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program