FREE. Yes, it is really free for you. We offer WORTH free for the first six months so that you can take this time to just focus on your healing with the support of a therapist. You can do this for yourself.

If at any point you are financially and emotionally ready and would like to donate to our program to help another woman who is going through something similar and needs help, please go to our DONATE page to make a donation that fits your situation. This helps us keep the program free for all and to continually “pay it forward.”

After six months, we encourage you to continue in your therapist supported group for a low monthly cost of only $75.

WORTH is one of the only groups to offer free therapist facilitated betrayal trauma groups. Our groups support the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we incorporate the gospel into our healing. In addition to therapist facilitated groups, we also incorporate mentorship, one on one sponsoring, weekly free classes, webinars, mentor led groups, and higher level groups for when you’re ready to take another step forward in your healing.

Within 48-hours of filling out your paperwork, you will receive a phone call from our intake specialist to make sure the WORTH group will be a good fit for you. At this time you will be assigned a group time and get set up to attend your first meeting. 

Your first meeting will allow you to hear other women’s stories in the group, as well as allow you the chance to share a little bit about yourself. The rest of the group includes tools for recovery, processing, and connecting with others. Each group runs about 90 minutes.

We work hard to put women in the groups that best fit their situations, so each group is a little bit different based on the individuals in the group and the therapist who facilitates it. 

Email worth@lifechangingservices.org or call the WORTH office 801-923-3026 and our friendly office staff will look it up for you. Please call well in advance. If you call shortly before your scheduled group time, chances are we not be able to get back to you in time.

Email worth@lifechangingservices.org or call us at 801-923-3026 and we will be happy to help you find another group that works. 

WORTH groups are open for as long as you find value and support. Many women find that they want to stay in the group for well after the free period. After six months, there is a monthly charge of $75 to stay in a therapist supported group, and you are welcome to stay as long as you would like. 

Our therapists understand that those who are facing divorce or who have been divorced, may have different concerns than those working to save their marriage. While all WORTH groups aim to help women heal, we’ve found having a separate group, WORTH divorce, is helpful for those who are learning towards, in the middle of, or are post divorce. 

Audio recordings are available on our Resources page. CLICK HERE

You can also email us at worth@lifechangingservices.org if you are not able to find what you are looking for.

While WORTH is facilitated by a therapist, this is not considered therapy and should not replace your own therapy efforts. WORTH is focused on the healing of the individual, and we support women who are working on their marriages as well as those who are or have faced divorced.

Life Changing Services offers additional marriage tools through the Lazarus Lectures (an online training forum for healing marriages) and the Marriage Repair Workshops with Maurice Harker (weekly classes training individuals on marriage repair).  We offer both Men’s Marriage Repair Workshops and Women’s Marriage Repair Workshops.

WORTH is proud to offer many different groups to support you wherever you are on your journey. Current groups include: 

WORTH: Therapist facilitated peer support groups

WORTH Mentor Led: Groups for women who are ready to learn more tools and are not in raw trauma

WORTH Creator: Learning to the the creator of your life. This is the highest level of WORTH, empowering you to move out of trauma, into the rest of your life

Teen WORTH: Support for teens who’s father has betrayed their mother

WORTH YSA: Tools for young single adults to understand pornography and how it affects relationships. WORTH aims to empower young women to know what a healthy relationship and recovery looks like

Sisters In Arms program: 90 day sponsoring to help women have individualized support when they first enter the WORTH program

Private FaceBook group that active members of WORTH are welcome to join. Email our office at worth@lifechangingservices.org to be added. 

WORTH Foundations: Free bi-monthly class to help educate women with foundational tools of recovery

WORTH Thrive: Free bi-monthly class to help educate women with higher level tools of recovery