About WORTH Groups

What is WORTH

Women of 
Rebirth & Therapeutic Healing

The Worth Group provides inexpensive, therapist facilitated peer support groups for women experiencing betrayal trauma due to a spouse’s (current or past) pornography use, sexual addiction and/or sexual acting out. 

Through weekly online meetings, Worth Group therapists teach tools such as self-care, boundaries, and honoring emotions through guided discussion support groups. Women derive emotional and spiritual strength as they share joys and sorrows, and support each other in their healing journeys. 

*Worth is not meant to replace your own personal therapy or be a substitute for therapy. We encourage you to meet with a therapist in conjunction with your support group.


The Mission of WORTH is to empower women who are suffering from betrayal trauma to find their own healing, recovery, and ultimately hope for their future.

Principles taught include:

  • How to recognize, prepare for, and work through triggers
  • Recognizing personal healing as distinctive and separate from a husband’s recovery path
  • Creating safety through healthy boundaries
  • Daily physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual self care
  • The art of honoring emotions and behaving with dignity and within each woman’s own value system
  • Identification and utilization of grieving as a natural part of healing
  • Identifying cycling, and unhealthy or unsafe situations
  • Planning for difficult or potentially painful interactions
  • Finding strength through the healing journey


I love what you are doing!

Wow!!! I love the work that LCS is doing. Y’all are right on track! At a recent training session for General Authorities, the question was asked: “How can we help those struggling with pornography?” Elder Russell M. Nelson stood and replied, “Teach them their identity and their purpose.”


I am hopeful. I am loved.

When I found the Worth group, I was broken. I had just about given up hope on my husband and on myself. I had spent years being angry, but had moved from anger to apathy. I just didn’t care anymore…about anything. I had spent so much energy trying to understand and deal with my husband’s addiction that I had nothing left for me, my children or anyone else. I felt completely isolated and alone. I was terrified to attend my first Worth call. As I sat there and listened to other women share their heartache, I wanted to reach through the phone and hug them. I wasn’t alone. My story was their story. I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I did. It was amazing to hear my feelings being shared through someone else’s voice. I finally had a safe place to share my doubts, my questions and also my joys. As our group therapist, Jennifer has educated and guided me. The women in my Worth group have become my sisters. I live for my weekly phone call. It rejuvenates me and gives me hope. I have learned so much about myself and about addiction through the Worth group. I am no longer broken. I am strong. I am hopeful. I am loved.


I am already starting to feel stronger, hopeful and more confident.

I just started and I am already starting to feel stronger… more hopeful, more confident. It feels so good to just finally be able to express my feelings that I have not been able to talk to anybody about, feel validated by people that not only have had similar experiences, but are wonderful, amazing, caring and empathetic women that make an effort to uplift, (hold up the arms, grieve with, bear others burdens), The relief is palpable, and I have such gratitude… Thank you all!


What brings you joy?

Group was great today, good reminder that the number one part to help with recovery is our relationship with God and utilizing the Atonement. (That goes both ways for us Worth women & husbands.). We talked about studying the Atonement and some resource–the infinite atonement, the peace giver, & the miracle of forgiveness. I have been realizing step by step that my Heavenly Father wants me to find joy and to be happy through all aspects of my life. I have found I need to be grateful for things my H is doing, tender mercies from the Lord, and my many blessings. I read through my patriarchal blessing and it has joy words x 7, and peace x 9. That needs to be my focus! I had to give myself permission to find joy and be happy again. We talk about being true to our emotions I didn’t know I wasn’t being true to my joy either! My blooming flowers that popped up today bring me joy! What brings you joy?


WORTH is so empowering!

This group of women is truly amazing, and it is so empowering to see the growth in each other as we learn to take care of ourselves and center our lives on Christ.


WORTH was different. I found healing for ME.

When I stumbled upon WORTH, I was broken. Not just kind of broken, but down to the depths of my soul hurting. Months before, my husband had confessed to me that he had spent our entire marriage acting with sexual misbehaviors. I thought we had a good life and the things he shared with my rocked my entire world. I felt like everything I thought I knew was a complete lie. Shortly after I found out, I started attending a church led support group. It helped me to discover I wasn’t alone and others were hurting too. When I found WORTH, I was still in so much pain, I was willing to try anything. WORTH was different. It was lead by a trained therapist who lead a group of women hurting like me. I remember thinking her words were like water to someone dying of thirst. I took notes, I practiced the tools she gave us, and I began to heal. I found support and healing that went beyond anything that I had found elsewhere. Today I walk happy, confident, and at peace again. I found healing for me.


I’ve learned of my own power and worth…

For 17 years, I thought that my husband’s addiction had something to do with my inadequacies and that I somehow wasn’t enough. Through the Worth group, I’ve learned of my own power and worth, and that my husband’s addiction has nothing to do with me – my path of healing is separate from his! Jennifer Johnson and many of the Worth ladies have been my ministering angels as they’ve supported me as I’ve learned to rely on the arm of God, change co-dependent and enabling patterns, and find healing through Jesus Christ. It has been a long dark road, and I’m so grateful for the tools and healing that I’ve found here.


I feel so much gratitude for all you WORTH women.

After pondering some this morning I started thinking back to where I was almost a year ago and who I was. I couldn’t help feel SO MUCH gratitude for all you WORTH women who have helped me get to the point I am today. I feel so much stronger, so much more confident. I am better at trusting myself and am starting to see how my life and my family is truly being blessed by me taking care of me and putting Christ first in my life! No more “crumbly mess” all the time! I still have bad days or even bad moments, but I can work through them and they don’t last nearly as long–such a difference from a year ago. Thank you all for your examples and support.


I am not alone!

Since I’m one week new in this group, I have to say it has been life changing. The first online support group let me know that I was not alone. Thank you. I have been alone in this for decades.


The best birthday gift today is knowing my self worth.

Today’s my birthday. I’m standing tall with my children by my side. I used to think that my husband’s treatment towards me was a reflection of my value. The best birthday gift to myself today is KNOWING that my self worth isn’t a reflection on anyTHING, anyONE, or any circumstance. Today I’m celebrating me, my worth, and the wonderful life I’ve been granted. I’m truly grateful for all that I have and all that I’ve learned this last year and a half. Thank you, Maurice W. Harker and Jennifer Johnson for helping me in my journey.


I’ve figured out that God is really there…

What have I learned as I’ve walked this path? I think one of the biggest things for me has been to focus on myself, my recovery, my goals, my weaknesses that need to become strengths, the things I can do, the things I can change and to let my husband choose his own path. Also, I have learned to rely on God instead of the “arm of flesh” which includes my husband, uninformed priesthood leaders, even friends and WORTH sisters who can’t be with me 24/7 when I’m struggling. I think I used to be a very difficult and exhausting, needy friend because I leaned so heavily on the people around me. Through WORTH, I’ve figured out that God is really there and He can help me find peace and joy amid any circumstance. My husband may never choose recovery. He thinks he’s fine. I’m okay with that. A year ago I was a barely functioning mess, trying to convince myself that I was okay. WORTH has changed my life. One year from now I hope I look back at the person I am today and chuckle and remember how I thought I was doing pretty good, and realize that I was still only just beginning my journey.