worth groups

Women of Rebirth & Therapeutic Healing

support, hope & healing after a spouse's virtual or physical infidelity


You can heal and FEEL JOY AGAIN.

WORTH is recovery for women.


Therapist-facilitated peer support groups for married and divorced women experiencing betrayal trauma due to a spouse's pornography use, sexual addiction, and/or sexual acting out.

If you are experiencing...

You are experiencing "betrayal trauma."

The pain is real.

You are NOT ALONE.

WORTH is here to help YOU

What is WORTH?

therapist Facilitated group support

No need to put on a mask here and pretend everything is okay. Learn to restructure your relationships, feel secure in your decisions and stay grounded.

Learn and Implement powerful tools

Tools to help you succeed and FEEL ALIVE AGAIN!

Your time for self-care and healing

Discover your divine identity and build your self-esteem. A safe place for you to learn, grow, and FEEL GOOD AGAIN! 

Online groups available.
WORTH is not meant to replace your own personal therapy or to be a substitute for therapy.
We encourage meeting with a therapist in conjunction with your group support.

Learn to set boundaries

Setting boundaries is a healthy way to heal and move forward. You will learn to do this in a way that keeps you safe.

Joy is possible

Learn to find JOY regardless of your circumstance - whether this journey leads to a redefined marriage or divorce.

Be YOU again

Find the amazing daughter of God you are and know that you are loved - just the way you are. You can have peace and happiness.

When your spouse has been unfaithful, you need women who truly "get it". Women who understand your various emotions and who can guide you through the road ahead.

WORTH groups are for YOU.
Your husband may be getting help for his addiction, but YOU also need understanding, tools, training, and support.

WORTH Groups

Because sometimes it needs to be about YOU

“I feel so much stronger, so much more confident. I am better at trusting myself and am starting to see how my life and my family is truly being blessed by me taking care of me and putting Christ first in my life! No more “crumbly mess” all the time! I still have bad days or even bad moments, but I can work through them and they don’t last nearly as long…” Read more

“I just started and I am already starting to feel stronger… more hopeful, more confident. It feels so good to just finally be able to express my feelings that I have not been able to talk to anybody about, feel validated by people that not only have had similar experiences, but are wonderful, amazing, caring and empathetic women that make an effort to uplift…” Read more

support groups from women with betrayal trauma